Our goal is to transform product safety and recall management across the supply chain by optimally utilizing people, process and technology.

ManageRecalls helps organization manage product recalls and alerts effectively,

Manage Recalls

Features and solutions that are wide and comprehensive:

Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors, Healthcare facilities utilize a robust platform to share and track information.

Efficiently facilitate the delivery of alert information to the appropriate personnel across the organization.

Enable quick and effective elimination of defective products from the supply chain.

Eliminate the need to manually track and compile information across the organization.

Why ManageRecalls?

With the increasing number of alerts and recalled products, risks to patient and provider safety have increased significantly over the past several years. ManageRecalls provides organizations the ability to monitor and address recalls, increase patient safety and mitigate risks.

Patient Safety

Utilizing ManageRecalls reduces the number of days the patients and providers are exposed to potentially harmful products.

Reduced Liability

Timely and targeted remediation of alert and recalls reduces risk and liability to the organization.

Targeted Alerts

ManageRecalls helps organization focus on alerts and recalls that are relevant.

Recall Remediation

Our streamlined process ensures that your organization is compliant with regulatory requirements.

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