Scalable, Intuitive and User-friendly Platform

Scalable, Intuitive and User-friendly Platform


Individuals spend time sorting through information that is not relevant to their area, instead of responding to the relevant alerts.

Organizational overhead cost increases to create and maintain a process and system at each location or groups. Manual tracking of status and activities related to alerts wastes valuable time and resources.


Current methods of tracking and reporting include

  • Multiple processes across various parts of the organization
  • Information being disbursed and gathered in disparate and inconsistent format
  • Process and data tracking is specific to a particular area or group
  • Each group develops its own process, templates, and system that is manually intensive


Single web-based system that provides a consistent and automated platform for alert distribution

ManageRecallsTM 's common, shared system ensures uniformity and scalability across all locations and departments and enables enterprise-wide visibility into alert status.

Escalation feature ensures alerts are acted upon in a timely fashion and reduces time spent manually following up on alert status.

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