Flexible and Configurable

Flexible and Configurable


  • Each location or group invents and follows its own process
  • Alerts do not properly reach relevant individuals on time
  • Individuals are confused about what to do and everyone tries to do “ the right thing” without knowing what “ the right thing” is for the entire organization


Each organization has its own unique structure and culture. Some differentiating factors include

  • Size
  • Geographic locations
  • Number of facilities grouped together or dispersed across states
  • Various product usage within and across facilities
  • Multiple vendors or manufacturers for similar or related products

Organizations are also internally structured differently:

  • By Product Domains
  • By Purchasing Groups
  • By Product Usage


Centralized distribution of alerts creates uniformity across the enterprise and reduces confusion.

Flexible configuration capability that adapts to your organization structure regardless of the size and degree of complexity.

Automated distribution features ensure timely distribution of relevant alert information to the appropriate individuals across the enterprise.

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